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M.Sc Program in IPCS

About the Course

The Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies aims to attract and develop those groups of students who wish to deepen their understandings of the processes involved in conflicts and are interested in sharpening their knowledge of how to manage conflicts constructively. It offers the conjectural foundations that emboss the essential social psychological routes involved in understanding and managing conflicts at all levels: interpersonal, intergroup, organizational, and international.

The master program offered in Peace and Conflict Studies in 13 universities of Pakistan gives its degree the title of “MSc” not “MA” with the same logic. Peace and Conflict Studies is established globally in Post-World War II scenario to dig out logical reason with grounded theories, why we experience, produce and consume violence? The basic theorem is how societies in the past have addressed the conflicting issues peacefully? Application of contemporary scientific methods could help us resolve our future conflicts and address peacebuilding in our society at large.

Duration of Program: 2 Years

Syllabus/Course Outline:Download